Friday, July 24, 2015


I  have always understood that relationships require work and lots of communication. Both of those things I am more than willing to do.

But most of my relationship with A. has boiled down to conundrums.

Which do I want more?

Kids or her?

Two kids without her or just one with her?

Cheaper tuition further away or her?

Vacations spent with my S.O. laying on sunny, sandy beaches, or her and non-sunny places? (Medical condition.)

Children with unique names or your one named by her?

This or that.

I know that when two people go into a relationship they both have different ideas and dreams, and to make it work you have to remove, compromise, and add things to your own dreams that you didn't imagine.

But what happens if I don't think I can give up a part of my dream? A part that she simply can't add to her dream?

I know; that was rhetorical.

I know the answer.

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