Thursday, May 7, 2015


desire to possess things. Sometimes I feel bad by this but I believe it to be a very human desire.

I unofficially live with my girlfriend, which sort of just happened without her actually asking me to move in. It sprung up out of convenience on my part. 

I feel horrible about it frequently. I say I unofficially live with her because most of my possessions are not at her place. Her place. I don't have a place. My stuff, what little I have, is sitting in my parents' mostly empty house that's been in the middle of their divorce dispute.

My car died on me about a month ago so my mother has been graciously letting me borrow her car until I am able to buy a new one. That's difficult because money is very, very tight for this college student. 

I have maxed out two credit cards and my bank account currently has $1.47 in it. I have a small sum in an envelope hid away for a car. Sadly, I had to take from it to put gas in my (borrowed) car today so that I could make it to school. 

I came up short this week because I had to go to the doctor twice and had $50 in medications. Just co-pays and medications wiped out my gas money.

My cellphone needs to be paid by tomorrow and $1.47 isn't going to cover it. So that's going to come out of the car fund. Which is now shrinking faster than a wool sweater in the dryer.

So things, I want them. Not lots of things, or expensive things, but something. Something that is mine.

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