Monday, January 5, 2015

Muddy Dreams

The other night I dreamed I was crawling through mud. Sticky, difficult brown goop. 

People looked on offering no help even as I asked for none. I crawled and struggled, panting and sweating. I had no idea how to get out or even in what direction I should aim. 

Eventually I made my way to the edge of the mud and stood up, covered in the mess. It was quickly drying and hardening into clumps that hindered my movements. Exhausted and defeated I went walking in search of where I came from, but even that seemed to be a mystery.

The next night, I, of course, went in search of dream dictionaries.

To dream of mud tends to have a more obvious meaning, that you are being weighed down by something. And all of the frustration of walking through mud accompanies it.

I am amidst many situations that are weighing me down. This I know. Thanks, dream.

Then, after searching the Internet I found lovely tips on how to get out of mud. Everything from taking your second step before your first even lands to slithering like a snake when on the ground to evade the perilous mud holes. 

But the number one thing all the lists suggested; DO NOT go in muddy places alone. Always have someone with you. Maybe my answer cannot be found in how to think like a snake or how quickly I should take my steps.

Perhaps, most importantly, I should not be in the mud alone.

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