Thursday, December 8, 2011


Some people say I look like a Disney princess, and I would be lying if I said I didn't get immensely excited when one day a little girl asked me if I was one. My thoughts flashed to my childhood full of storylines centered around finding out I was, in fact, a princess from a far away land. A land that was in trouble and a people that needed me to save them with my quick wit, vast knowledge, and a cunning plot against the Evil oppressing them.

(Via Pinterest)
Sadly, I had to tell the little girl I wasn't a princess. Not even a Disney one.

Truth be told, I think the little girl deep inside of all females wish they were a princess of some sort. Some of us wish to be warrior princesses while the others prefer the locked-in-a-high-tower-waiting-to-be-rescued type.

I've gotten through a great many things that I didn't want to do by asking myself what I would do if I had been a princess. "Suck it up, Jaynie. Smile, act proper, and do what's right."

And there I am, over there, smiling with an invisible tiara perched atop my head. The little girl in me curtsies with the grace and solemnity of a royal doing what is expected of them.

Because who is to say I'm not?



  1. Don't you know that every girl is a princess? :) Welcome to the blogsphere!

  2. You know I had to go bananas over a pink Darth Vader helmet!

    Warrior princess dream I. I have sucky hand-eye coordination, so high kicks in the face isn't really possible.

  3. @JS - I do now. :) And thank you! I have been reading your blog for quite awhile and must say I literally jumped up and down when I saw I had a comment from you. :D

    @PL - I saw that picture and loved it! I also thought of you since your blog (which I love) is so Star Wars-y.
    I too am afflicted with terrible hand-eye coordination but it doesn't stop be from trying to be a warrior princess. ;)

  4. Kee-Ya!

    Maybe I should just stick to blasters . . .