Sunday, December 18, 2011


I am failing at blogging in the month of December.

I will blame two things for this.

    1. My GoodReads reading challenge. I challenged myself to read 50 books for the year of 2011 and so far I have read 41. I refuse to fail so close to my goal. Therefore I'm reading like a mad woman to get in the last 9.
    2. It's December. Let's face it, regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas (I don't), it's just a hectic time of year where driving anywhere takes three times as long as it usually would. Lines are long and daylight hours are short.

Hopefully in January I'll be posting more. Until then....

Happy Chanukah!


  1. Then you can blog about all the awesome books you read. I am always open to recommendations!

  2. Oh good idea! I am always recommending books for people.

  3. I'm having the same GoodReads problem!!! But I've got too many to catch up on. :( Small ones count tho, right!?

  4. Yes they count! That's what I'm doing! If I start to cut it too close then I'm heading for the kiddie books.