Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ringgg... ringgg...

My generation is getting really bad with making phone calls, I know. I have never been particularly phone savvy and leaving voicemail messages gives me the feeling that I'm being timed and must make it quick. Slight panic sets in. And after I leave messages I find myself standing there unable to remember if I left my name with the message.

If you are one of the unfortunate souls that I have left voicemail with, then I apologize. I know it's not a pleasant experience.

While I think my generation does still make phone calls, we tend to text first to see if the other person is available. Kind of like paging someone. I have a fear of calling people when they're busy. Because if I call and they answer to tell me they're busy then I feel like I messed up. I'm one of those weirdly sensitive people who takes things personally that shouldn't be taken so.

And I know I'm over thinking the whole thing but that's just me since I just left a message with someone and can't remember what I said...

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