Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is my story...

I had no idea what Pinterest was. Never even heard of it.

Then one day I saw a friend on Facebook make a reference to Pinterest. I shrugged it off not knowing what it was but making note of the name, it being an interesting word and all.

The next day another friend asked me if I knew how Pinterest worked since she had just gotten an account but wasn't sure what to do with it. I didn't and I told her so though this time making a mental note to Google it later and find out what it was.

The day after that my mom called me to where she sat at the computer. A friend of hers told her that I would like this site called Pinterest. Mom got an account and was trying to figure it out. I found it odd that I had never heard of it before the other day and now it had come up three days in a row. Weird.

I watched over her shoulder as she pinned and searched and looked at other peoples boards. She took to it instantly. It didn't take long till we were star struck and with great animation looking up any and everything imaginable. Amazed at so much creativity in one place. We were getting so many ideas!

 (No, this is not us.)

Immediately I set up an account and have been avidly pinning ever since!

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