Monday, November 7, 2011


    I am named after my aunt. Of course she isn't really my aunt and I don't remember a thing about her except what I have been told. I only know what she looks like from the pictures my mother has of her. She was my mother's best friend before I was born. She was even the one who told my mom she was pregnant with me as my mother was complaining that she had gained some weight. My mother was so impressed with her best friend's style of mothering, along with her beautiful heart that she named me after her.

(I wasn't born in the 1940's so that isn't me.)

My aunt and her family moved away when I was just a little girl and other than holiday cards she sends faithfully every year, I have have no contact with her. If that even counts as contact.

My mother is friends with her on Facebook and they follow each other on Pinterest. Then yesterday I got an e-mail from Pinterest telling me that my aunt *enter name here* was following me.

I sat and stared at that e-mail for awhile a little amazed. I wondered what that would be like for her. Here I am named after her and she can see everything that I like put into pictures. As far as I am aware, she knows little about me.

At 21 she can see what kind of woman I have turned into. And I can finally see what this kind, giving lady that I was named after likes.

To me, she's a mystery. Yet I feel very connected to her. Now I can know a thing or two about her. And maybe, just maybe, fill the shoes I was so lovingly given.

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