Friday, September 23, 2011


One of my biggest accomplishments right now in my life is that I am cooking. Not just cooking, but I'm pretty decent at it. I used to fear that I would never be able to cook and up until a couple of months ago I couldn't really. Then I started to. Slowly at first. But now I cook regularly.

I enjoy cooking. Then I enjoy eating the food. And I really fancy sharing the food though I rarely, if ever, say so. I love seeing people eat what I made. (Well, as long as they like it.)

Not only am I cooking but I am cooking healthier meals than I grew up with. No, they're not perfectly healthy but they are getting closer step by step. And they are so different from what I grew up with. I made Moroccan food last week and loved it. I find that I crave foods I have never tasted. I keep taking pictures of just about everything I make because I find it so beautiful. I never thought I would come to the day that I found food beautiful. Or that I was the one to create the meal.

For once, I am really proud of myself.

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